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Googy is the modern day rocking horse for toddlers (1.5 - 4 years old). It is soft and appealing, very well cushioned, extremely difficult to overturn, sturdy, and all of its surfaces are well rounded.  Available in grey or pink.  

**this is a pre-order.  Once order is in place, it will take 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: height 53 cm, width 36 cm, length 73 cm
Upholstery: Aquaclean
Rocker: bent beech plywood.
Handles: beech wood
Basic structure: foam with a metal sub-structure
Maximum load: 40 kg

Maintenance:  Aquaclean technology - this revolutionary new treatment lets you get rid of stains with nothing more than a little water. The maintenance is thus both quick and easy.